ALF: Alternative Lightwire Functionals

More and more parents are looking for minimally invasive, gentle and effective orthodontic treatment for their children.
The ALF, as it mimics nature, is the answer to their quest.

Patients are looking for providers .... they are looking for YOU!

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the Philosophy

Rather than dictating treatment, be a facilitator in your patient's journey towards health.

the Hands-On Part

Learn how to master this deceptively easy appliance by avoiding the most common mistakes.

Your Patients Thrive

Offering more than just straight teeth, ALF therapy is a vehicle to bring about transformational changes.


  • "This is a great course! I feel empowered to start using ALF in my private practice. Dr. Lemke is a knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging teacher. The course content is comprehensive, yet not overwhelming." 
    Laura Lawson, DMD, Albany CA

  • "Dr. Lemke is calm, easy to understand, and comprehensive. If you want to learn ALF basic treatment and adjustments this is the course to take."
    Amparo David, DMD, Bolton MA

  • "This is a great course, explained in a format simple to understand. Dr. Lemke is very down to earth and enthusiastic."
    Daniel Mashoof, DMD, Bellevue WA

  • "All of the instructional videos and files are way above what anyone would expect from a course. Thanks SO much. There is really no excuse for any of us not to start cases right away."
    William Mahon, DDS, Rogers AR

  • "Thanks for a very fine course! I feel that I gained an excellent understanding of the strength of ALF as well as how to make adjustments and monitor progress. I look forward to helping my patients develop better esthetics, function, and – most importantly – better health."
    John Johnson, DDS, New Albany OH

  • "Highly recommended! When you already have experience with straight wire, this is a powerful tool you can use in your orthodontic tool box. You leave the class with information that makes sense, and you are ready to use it with your next case."
    Michael Huynh, DDS, Seattle WA

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