Meet Dr. Lemke

Ljuba Lemke, DMD, PhD, ND


I was born in Germany in 1956, studied dentistry, and operated my general practice. After a while, I caught on to the fact that - alas - there is a human being attached to those little white things called teeth.

As I educated myself beyond the realm of mainstream dentistry, I became critical of fluoridation and mercury in amalgam fillings. As a result, I trained to become a naturopathic practitioner with an emphasis on electroacupuncture (according to Dr. Voll). This method incorporates homeopathy and acupuncture physiology, which I integrated into my holistic dental approach.

For 14 years, I ran my private clinic in Germany providing holistic dental and naturopathic care.

Love moved me to the US in 1996. Since the US does not recognize a German dental degree, I attended the program for foreign-trained dentists at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1998, I taught homeopathic seminars while building a holistic dental practice in New Jersey and staying on as faculty at UPenn Dental School.

As a teenager, I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed. Once admitted to dental school in Germany, I became overly conscious of my teeth being crowded. I was told that the only way to create enough space for my remaining teeth was to extract four of my bicuspid teeth. I agreed without even thinking twice, assuming that the professors, being experts in their field, knew best.

After the extractions, I underwent a course of full braces and faithfully wore my positioner/retainer. Two years later, it was chewed through. I was told I was all set and good to go ... no more retainer … just live happily ever after.

It was a good ten years before I noticed that my teeth had become malpositioned again. It probably happened earlier, but I must have chosen to ignore it. After all, I was eight teeth short and again there seemed to be inadequate space in my mouth... ? It just didn't make sense, and I could not find an explanation.

Finally, the year is 2001 and I find out about ALF - Advanced Lightwire Functionals. The whole concept immediately makes sense to me. A new era begins in my life!

I could not wait to start ALF on myself, but very few seminars were out there; none of them were really tailored to guide a newcomer step-by-step through the learning process. It took two years before I felt I had enough knowledge to get started. I decided to be my own guinea pig.

To my surprise and delight, life got easier as soon as I started undoing the damage incurred due to my previous orthodontic treatment. I became calmer, and not as easily stressed; my athletic performance and memory improved, and I had more energy to socialize.

With time and more ALF seminars under my belt, my enthusiasm made me a very convincing advocate of ALF to my patients. Of course, it also helped that I knew what an ALF felt like in the mouth: how much discomfort to expect, how much time to get used to it, and more.

Life got even better in 2008: I moved to Durango, Colorado. Here I enjoyed the great outdoors, dancing Argentine Tango, and our diverse community.

My dental practice in Durango was fully dedicated to orthodontics, using ALF as the primary modality. In addition, I have been involved with public speaking and have been teaching ALF seminars since 2007.

After 41 years of dentistry, I closed my private practice in the fall of 2021. This has freed up my schedule to expand my activities in the area of ALF training for dentists and wellness education for the general public. I deeply enjoy sharing the knowledge that I gained as a naturopathic doctor and holistic dentist.

Currently, I have chosen not to hold an active license as a dentist or naturopathic doctor in any country.


  • 1956: born near Cologne (Germany)
  • 1980: graduation as a dentist, University of Cologne (Germany)
  • 1982: Ph.D. degree in dentistry, University of Cologne (Germany)
  • 1982 - 1996: private clinic in Germany providing holistic dental and naturopathic care
  • 1986 to ’95: specialty training in naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, electroacupuncture, and nutrition (Germany)
  • 1990: graduation from Paracelsus School for Naturopathy (Germany)
  • 1996: move to the US
  • 1998: graduation as a dentist from the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1998 - 2021: private practice delivering holistic dental and ALF treatment
  • since 2001: additional training in ALF and Crozat orthodontics, cranial osteopathy, oro-facial myology, posture, and Buteyko breathing
  • Since 2009: presenting seminars and training for ALF Orthopedics/Orthodontics
  • 28 years of experience in providing holistic general dentistry care
  • ALF Educator since 2009
  • 2015 - 2017: President of the AAGO (Academy of Airway and Gnathologic Orthopedics), current board member
  • 2018 - 2021: Member of the Advisory Board for Dr. Nordstrom's ALF Interface Academy
  • 2021: move to Mexico and continuation of delivering ALF training through online and live courses in the US and Mexico
  • Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International (BPI)
  • Member of the Foundation for Airway Health



My gratitude goes out to Dr. Darick Nordstrom. He developed the ALF over many years and has shared his insights with us. His ingenious mind, as well as his warmth and modesty, are reflected in this wonderful work.

I am grateful to the Universe for bringing me together with my parents, Erwin and Henriette Lemke, and my sisters, Vera Peiffer and Nada Lemke. You have supported me tremendously throughout my life, and I love you.

My appreciation goes out to the many outstanding teachers who inspired and encouraged me on my path. I know that I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

And a big thank you to all my patients who trusted me with their care. I feel honored that you allowed me to be part of your journey!



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