"Osteopathy as Part of ALF Therapy": Now Available on YouTube

Mar 30, 2018


 Cranial Osteopathy and Dental Malocclusions

Cranial osteopathy is a complex subject. It can be dry until things start making sense. Getting a basic understanding is challenging at best.
A good way to start is understanding the principles and familiarizing yourself with the terminology.

Cranial strains are a significant factor for facial growth and development and play a big role in malocclusions. Watch "Cranial Osteopathy as Part of ALF Therapy" if you'd like to learn or review the basics of osteopathy, including some of the terminology. I also share how I use cranial osteopathy for my ALF patients. 




ALF Interface Conference - April 19 to 22, St. Louis, Missouri

Last year's conference changed in the most satisfying way how I practice. I am very excited about this year's topic and hope to see many of you in St. Louis:

The conference will be addressing the traumatic and developmental midline challenges in the growing child. With the focus on a team approach, presenters from different fields will speak about:

  • The pervasiveness of developmental and traumatic Adverse Childhood Events;
  • The unique capacity of our ALF InterFACE community to identify and successfully address the specialized needs of the pediatric population;
  • The importance of neurologic integration in the special needs population;
  • The office TEAM approach to identifying and treating pediatric patients with birth trauma;
  • Introduction to HINSLR (High-Intensity Non-Surgical Laser Release) and its application in trauma and sleep.
  • and more



Seminar  "Introduction to ALF and Cranial Osteopathy" - May 18 & 19, 2018 - Durango, CO

More and more parents are looking for minimally invasive, gentle and effective orthodontic treatment for their children. The ALF, as it mimics nature, is the answer to their quest.
Patients are looking for providers …. they are looking for YOU!

Learn how to master this deceptively easy appliance by avoiding the most common mistakes.

Presented by:   Ljuba Lemke, DMD, Kelly Busby, DO

Course Outline
Introduction to ALF, Cranial Strains and Facial Development, Cranial Palpation Skills and Rebalancing Technique, ALF Basic Design, Treatment Goals, Patient Selection, Team Work, Diagnostic Records, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan, ALF Adjustments, Workflow, More Designs, see full syllabus


last year's participants:


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ALF Online Seminar

The ALF online seminar is now also available to osteopathic physicians and myofunctional therapists at a reduced price. Please inquire about discount coupons.

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