Additional ALF Laboratories 🎉

Dec 11, 2021

Hurray, I am aware of two additional laboratories fabricating ALF and other lightwire appliances.

Boone Dental Arts

Luke Stukenholtz
Boone, Iowa
Tel. (515) 230-7009

Luke took my “ALF Therapy and the Cranial Concept 101” course last May in Durango, CO. It was immediately apparent that he had excellent wire bending skills. No wonder … at age fourteen, he started spending time with his father in the dental lab and had fun copying everything dad did.

Luke was particularly intrigued by the cranial part of our course. I was impressed with his palpatory skills and knew that Luke would be a tremendous asset in our ALF world. He fabricated an ALF appliance for me, and it met all of my expectations.

Boone Dental Arts currently offers all dental lab services, but I hope Luke will start dedicating all of his work time to making soldered wire appliances. He is a single dad of two sons and a very hard worker.

He fabricates lightwire appliances (ALF and Crozat) using Eligloy and Tru-Chrome solder. You can specify your needs, e.g. any type of wire, gold solder, or platinum-foiled cribs (YES, a technician that uses foil is hard to find!).

One appliance costs around $300, and the turnaround time is typically less than 2 weeks … YES - TWO weeks.

As you can tell, I am pretty excited about Luke and hope that you will be soon too!

Lab in Burnaby, British Columbia
Sept. 2023: Unfortunately, this lab did not come through

I just got off the phone with Loris, who fabricates ALF appliances for Dr. Hilary Pada in Canada. Right now (December 2021), Loris's business is going through a transition. I will have his contact information in January and promise to keep you updated.

I met Hilary at one of my ALF 101 Intensive courses and had an opportunity to see several of her patients' appliances. They looked great, and I can confidently recommend Loris's services. With Hilary's permission, I will also share the crib design she came up with - it is very clever!

More ALF Technicians on my Google Map

Currently, there are 13 ALF-technicians listed on my ALForthodontics Google map. I have so much respect and appreciation for all of them! As we all know, the quality of the appliances can make or break our treatment success. 

Would you please let me know of additional labs that fabricate lightwire appliances? I would love to add them to the map.

A New Phase in My Life

On a personal note, after I closed my dental practice in September, I have been making a new home for myself in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I didn't anticipate the move and the settling-in being so easy, but it was. And I LOVE it here!

I will continue teaching live ALF courses in the US. "ALF Therapy and the Cranial Concept 101" will happen May 13 & 14, 2022, in Durango. The next "ALF 101 Intensive" is tentatively scheduled for  April 29 & 30, 2022, also in Durango.

We started the first ALF Online Study Club thanks to the four members of a past "ALF 101 Intensive" course who presented the urgency of continued support. We all enjoy our meetings, going over cases and general aspects.
My schedule is open to hosting one additional online study club for up to four people. It will be open to anybody who took my "ALF 101 Intensive" course. If you would like to participate, please let me know ASAP.

Warm personal regards and happy ALFing,



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