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Do you need an introduction to ALF therapy, 
or are you ready to tackle more complex cases?

Do you like to study in a small group setting 
or prefer to do one-on-one mentoring?

No matter whether you have general questions 
or need guidance for a specific case:


Course Curriculum for ALF 101

ALF Therapy and the Cranial Concept 101 - ONLINE


The online seminar is pre-recorded. It consists of 10 chapters with slides, videos, practical exercises, and more. You can start the course anytime and will be able to review each chapter as often as you like, going through the course at your own pace.
At the end of each chapter, you will find a comment box. As you post your questions there, Dr. Lemke will be available for answers and guidance throughout the program.

Watch "About the seminar" on YouTube.


"Excellent foundational course to start providing ALF therapy. Dr. Lemke is skilled in her teaching of complex concepts in a pleasing manner that is easy to understand. I immediately felt more confident explaining these concepts to patients which has helped with case acceptance. Highly recommend her course!"
Angie Barness, DDS, River Falls WI

"This is a great course! I feel empowered to start using ALF in my private practice. Dr. Lemke is a knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging teacher. The course content is comprehensive, yet not overwhelming." 
Laura Lawson, DMD, Albany CA


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ALF Therapy and the Cranial Concept 101 - LIVE

Learn while enjoying the company of peers and get immediate feedback on your wire-bending technique.

May 3 & 4, 2024
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


This course was a fantastic introduction to the ALF philosophy. There were a lot of laughs and joy with a lot of learning."
Frank Stroud, DDS, OR

I love Dr.Lemke's way of teaching. This is the best seminar to learn the basics of ALF. Looking forward to her other seminars."
Krithika Jayaprakash, DDS, CT

“Dr. Lemke is an outstanding educator and presents her course material in an organized, easy-to-follow, and motivating format. Her style is unmatched. I found myself looking forward to seeing and learning from each of her presentations. Additionally, her support material, as well as her readiness to help, provide a  means to get started with ease and confidence. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in improving the health and well-being of their patients by utilizing an appliance that allows a person to grow  and develop to their genetic potential.”
Nancy Hartrick, DDS, MI


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ALF 101 Intensive LIVE 

Three days of in-depth ALF training in a small group setting of 2 to 4 participants. 

Nov. 2 - 4, 2023, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Please inquire about additional dates and locations.

Being alumna/alumnus of Dr. Lemke’s seminar “ALF Therapy and the Cranial Concept 101” (online or live seminar) OR experience with delivering ALF treatment for at least a year.

 "Ljuba, your course was perfect. It was the most comprehensive course in wire bending and the associated dynamics I’ve taken. The depth of your knowledge, your patience and willingness to allow us to engage and learn as we go is refreshing. I know after this course I will be a significantly better provider because of what you taught me!" 
Amy Luedemann-Lazar, DDS, Katy, TX

"Dr. Lemke's ALF 101 Intensive ticks all the boxes in providing a firm grounding in all aspects of ALF: theoretical, clinical, and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed this course!"
Dr. Lynette Wallace, Bowral, Australia 

"Dr. Lemke is very detail-oriented and teaches ALF in a way that you can understand. She is an awesome teacher. I highly recommend this course!!!"
Yu Ting Wang, DDS, Frisco TX

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ALF Beyond the Basics - ONLINE


This advanced course is packed with information that every ALF dentist needs: case reports, designs, topics, common problems, case finishing and retention. If you have some experience and are ready to get to the next level, this course is for you.


"This is a fantastic course! I appreciated in particular the variety of cases shown all the way from the initial patient intake to case completion, follow-up, and the insights on what could have be done better. 

I need to see the whole picture and be prepared for phase 2 even though I am not quite there yet with most of my cases. In other classes, I did not see much case finishing or instructions about phase 2 treatment.

Dr. Lemke’s classes taught me to be very specific with treatment planning, data gathering, and measurements. This has relieved a lot of stress that I experienced in the past with ALF cases. I highly recommend this course - thank you, Dr. Lemke!"
Anna Jumtina, DDS, Boulder, CO

"Wow...what an excellent comprehensive look at the various designs developed by very creative minds over the years.

When I teach dentists about biomimetics and ALF, I recommend Dr. Lemke's courses to them. Ljuba covers both all the basics and many of the nuances of this wonderful technique.   She has turned what sometimes seems a mysterious process into easy to grasp elements that anyone can learn with practice. There are so many pearls in her courses that any dentist - with or without previous experience -  can benefit from her teaching.  I know I did."
Barry Raphael, DMD
Co-Director of the Airway Residency
The Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics

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ALF Mentoring - ONLINE and LIVE

Being mentored is the single most efficient way to dramatically reduce frustration and speed up your learning curve. Give it a try!

"I love  Dr. Lemke's online mentoring because she has been my guide whenever I felt stuck and did not know how to proceed. I enjoy doing ALF as a result of her continuous support.  Thank you, Dr.Lemke !"
Krithika Jayaprakash, DDS, Vernon CT

“Ljuba has been a great support for me as I’ve grown into a more experienced ALF practitioner. Often, just knowing she is there should I need help has given me enormous peace of mind. As we are discussing my cases during virtual consults, I always get valuable insights from Ljuba on how to proceed. I am ever so grateful for her support!! “
Laura Lawson, DDS, Albany CA

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ALF Online Study Club

As of Jan. 2023, we have two study clubs going and a third one is in the making. 😃

Participants need to be alumni of  either "ALF 101 Intensive LIVE" or "ALF Beyond the Basics ONLINE".

Please send me an email if you are interested in participating: [email protected] 

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